Using Intel Volume Management result in device not found

Any device using Intel Optane or “Intel Volume Management Device NVMe RAID Controller” doesn’t boot with “mount: /new_root: can’t find UUID=xxxx” error

@linux-aarhus I understand that I confused you in my previous post as I was slowly discovering solutions along the way so I will explain it all in this post.

I am currently using an HP Ultrabook with an Intel Optane H10 512GB guide. This drive supports Intel Optane Acceleration, which means it has two drives on a single nvme stick and one is faster than the other so they are used in a sort of RAID. Now this acceleration is only supported in Windows by Intel as it has a driver which shows both the drives as one. Now when you disable the acceleration, they just become two normal nvme drives. But the problem is that Intel uses some sort of different “PCIe Domain” for its drives called VMD so they can’t be discovered on Linux without the VMD kernel module. Now as I understand Ubuntu, Manjaro, Arch and several other distros detect the hardware at boot and then inject the necessary kernel modules (in the live CD) and all distros do that successfully and I can see my drives and read and write to them but for some reason it does not carry over the VMD kernel module when I install any of the Arch-based distros so the bootloader doesn’t know where the drive is to load the OS.
And this is officially supported by Intel and included in the Linux kernel source linux/vmd.c at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub
Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_VMD: Intel Volume Management Device Driver

@linux-aarhus Any update on this? Maybe you can report this to the Manjaro Dev Team so they can patch it?

@moderators @linux-aarhus Still no update at all after 2 months? This is actually a big issue and probably doesn’t require a lot of work.
TL;DR The vmd kernel module (if required) is automatically loaded when using the live USB but for some reason is not installed/not loaded when the system is installed.

This was addressed 3 weeks ago: [pkg-upd] 30-3 (a20f16c8) · Commits · Packages / Core / mkinitcpio · GitLab. Please test a new install media. See here: Discussion about vmd module inclusion (#1) · Issues · Packages / Core / mkinitcpio · GitLab. Also it is already confirmed to been working: Installer needs to add vmd module to mkinitcpio - Testers Needed - #27 by G-bus


Thanks a lot. Sorry I called all moderators before trying latest iso.

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