Using integrated graphics instead of dedicated


Hello, I recently started using manjaro but haven’t been able to use my graphics card for games.I own a laptop with a i7 9750h, that has integrated graphics and a RTX 2060. I have already installed the drivers and everything but it still is using the integrated graphics. I was trying to find out what I should do and it seems to be a problem with the switchable graphics. In the ArchWiki I came across bumblebee, but couldn’t add my regular user to bumblebee group. When I try i get this: gpasswd: Permission denied. Can someone help me?

You should not use bumblee, but rather PRIME render offload. Please remove bumblebee altogether. If you have video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-ZZZxx-prime mhwd configuration installed, then you can run any program with prime-run to enable it to use the nvidia gpu. For example, prime-run glxinfo | grep renderer.

Thanks for the help! I’m new here so I’m sorry for being dumb. Thanks a lot!

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