Using graphical installed with LVM on LUKS

I had an issue with using a graphical installer with my usual disk setup. Usually, I set up the disks like this:

  • EFI partition, mounted at /boot (ok, graphical installer wanted it with GRUB, so I gave it /boot/efi mountpoint)
  • single large LUKS partition
  • LVM installed under LUKS partition
  • Single biggish btrfs partition with typical subvolumes
  • swap partition
  • ext4 partition for docker ( kubeadm is adamant about this…otherwise I have issues using kind and other Kubernetes tooling without some friction )

Here are my pain points & issues with graphical installer:

  • I had issues configuring mount options. I’ve tried to enter it in options field but was ignored. Thus couldn’t mount btrfs with -o subvol=XXX options as I’ve want
  • The installer has issues working with LVM on LUKS. It appears installer supports LVM, it supports LUKS, but not both in this combination

I’ve tried using manjaro architect, though had some issues with it as well, since it’s pretty opinionated what to put where it had to update itself before starting, it’s currently unmaintained, (I’ve also tried reading the source…though I find bash code hard to read and maintain, thus I gave up…after 2 days making it work)

Now maybe I’m missing a few things? What I want from installer is the following:

  • Install things where I tell you to, generate me necessary /etc/hostname, /etc/fstab, etc. entries, install all necessary system packages that I have working system, setup some systemd timers to auto-update mirror selection, etc.
  • Boot loader…personally I like systemd-boot and can manage it on my own, though if the installer auto-installs GRUB, whatever, less work for me
  • Do as little magic as possible/don’t have too much assumptions/magic (looking at your architect)

What steps are required to bootstrap manjaro installation from 0? That is what actions does GUI installer does?

I have taken a lot of notes over the years - and with the forced archival of the previous forum I decided to move all of it to a private domain at - you are welcome to dig in.

I have no notes on LVM yet - mainly due to my lack of interest :slight_smile:

I have however found the LUKS part interesting which I have used to create a storage device for my emergency-packs.

I have also bookmarked a very good guide on doing btrfs on LUKS