Username and Password not recognized - Manjaro KDE on Pine Book Pro

Received my pine book pro yesterday went through setting up passwords etc. Re started as per the routine then at login my username and pass word were not recognised, can anyone help me to get past this.

If you dont have your user password nor your root password, about the only thing you can do is either get an emmc reader and reset it in your /etc/passwd file or reflash it with a new image for the pinebook pro (which will also need an emmc reader)

Here is an example of somebody else who had that situation in the pine64 forums: https:// forum.pine64. org/showthread.php?tid=8626 (remove the spaces from the link)

Thank you for your reply, would I need to remove the emmc from the from the pinebook pro connect to a reader which is attached to another computer.

I have not done it to my pinebook pro, but that’s what I understand for ARM devices. There really are not any “installers” for ARM devices as we have on x86 devices. You simply load the storage with the OS from a disk image.

So yes, you’d remove it, use a reader and load the image on it.


I’d done that some months ago with my PBP. I bought the reader from Amazon and I used etcher to flash the eMMc image to the eMMc of the PBP. Once it is done, you only have to mount the disk into the PBP and start it. It’s quite simple. If you need help let me know.