User with another user-ID


I need you support:
I have new Tuxedo Laptop and installed Manjaro KDE - no Problems here.

when I add a new user, then the user-ids starts at 1000.

I need necessarily for the users the ID 1027, 1028, 1029, because they must have the same User-ID as my Synology DSM for there permissions.

So, where can I Add new user with the ID 1027?

Thank you very much

This is explained here:

Users and groups - ArchWiki

Check what is written at

If the system user requires a specific user and group ID, specify them with the `-u`/`--uid

OK, thank you for your solution.

Now I added a new user with

`useradd -r -u 1027 -g users -m caho

then I set a new password as root with

passwd caho

Thank you for your fast solution :grinning:

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