User Manual for Raspberry PI Arm

I am really looking for a beginner's user guide to using Manjaro Arm on a Pi 4.
I have got it installed, linked to wlan, even using ssh from my laptop on a different floor.
My questions are so basic as I made silly set up mistakes: language, system time, not sure about keyboard layout, updating packages, seeing what there is and what the software can do.

I think all my questions can be answered by reading a downloaded pdf user guide. Can't find one but sure it must exist.

Can anyone help

Not much help I'm afraid, I haven't used my raspberry pi in ages, and I had to install arch on it, as it's a first gen. Hopefully these will help a little.

I can't remember any ARM specific stuff relating to what you ask about. Can't find much atm, but it's late. Pretty sure you can just follow the wiki: -kb codes in arch wiki locale ref at bottom

As for seeing what software is available, the flags -Ss and -Si for pacman will help. The list below is not for ARM or even Manjaro but should give you a place to start. If in doubt use pacman to search the ARM repo.

Thanks very much for your help. I will see if they help.

You're welcome. :slight_smile:

I edited my reply.

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Is it time to put together some documentation - manual, wiki sections, both ?
It seems a practical use of effort.
(sorry frede, accidentally tagged you initially)

Well, we strive to be as close to Manjaro as possible regarding software and settings.

The only thing that could require a separate user guide is the installation and setup process.

The installation process is described in our gitlab wiki but it could use an update.

The setup process should hopefully be pretty self explanatory, if you read the boxes it presents on first boot. :slight_smile:
But we could add an explanation section in the previously linked wiki page. :slight_smile:

I will use the referenced instructions to see how I, a Pi and Linux/Manjaro novice manage. I am really right at the beginning so it will be interesting. If I have any comments where can I send them?
It strikes me that perhaps many first time users of Linux & various Distros eg Manjaro are there only because of the Pi. Easy guides would be very useful and may avoid confusion and forum overload.

Sadly because I put in the wrong language German (where I live) and am ok in but not fluent in tech matters. I missed a lot. Thus I want to change it to English and then understand properly

Interface language can be changed in the Manjaro Settings Manager application. :slight_smile:

Thanks thats good

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