User keeps appearing

I was poking around Manjaro and found that there is sitting a user that I didn’t create. I tried to remove it, but after restart user gets back. How to investigate what it is and why?


"getent passwd


The nobody user is a system user, that’s created by a package, that needs to be run as a completely unpriviliged user.

So it gets created if a package needs it.

Hello Strit,
Thank you for the quick reply.
Some additional information would be very appreciated.
How can I find out what packages uses this user?
Is this normal practice that package creates users? I’ll search for that but maybe you could share information source regarding this topic?

It’s most likely NFS user

Many packages make use of the nobody user as a safety measure.

It is normal. Many packages supply services that can be run at boot. These services would be a security risk if they where run as the root user or a user with sudo rights. So the package creates a user (some use nobody, others use the service name), so the software is not run with all the rights of root.

A good answer is here:

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Never seen "“nobody” user before. :slight_smile:
Thanks Tomek and Strit for explaining and sharing.

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