User groups not lining up


I’m fresh to Manjaro and I’m having some issues. I’m trying to use davfs2 to mount a WebDAV server as my user, but I’m not able to add the davfs2 group to my user…

> id
uid=1000(crobibero) gid=1000(crobibero) groups=1000(crobibero),90(network),98(power),984(users),987(storage),991(lp),993(input),995(audio),998(wheel)
> id crobibero
uid=1000(crobibero) gid=1000(crobibero) groups=1000(crobibero),998(wheel),995(audio),993(input),991(lp),987(storage),984(users),98(power),90(network),1001(davfs2)
> groups
network power users storage lp input audio wheel crobibero
> groups crobibero
wheel audio input lp storage users power crobibero network davfs2
> whoami
> cat /etc/group | grep davfs2

I’m at a loss on how to fix this, so any suggestions are welcome.


That is probably because there is no such group

There is a topic on using systemd to mount devices

And some sample units


While not actually a solution to my issue, it got me going in a direction that now has my system working with a davfs2 mount. Thanks!

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Please share the steps you took - as it may be useful for reference.

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I’ve already removed the solution and my comment. Please share your complete solution!