User and root passwords (wheel)


How can i make a wheel user with the manjaro’s installer? with fedora’s installer, i could just select “make this user admin” + “disable root account”.

How can I achieve that with manjaro’s installer? do i just select “use the same password for the administrator account”?


The first user, created at the install time will always be admin.
root is root and better have different password for it.

how does one disable logging for root account? i dont want “su -” or “su root” to be possible

edit: im currently using fedora as a daily driver… i use sudo daily for dnf update --refresh.

su root and su - are impossible to execute, since root is disabled.

how do i do this with the manjaro installer?

It’s impossible in current installer. Also when you check “use same password” – that mean root and user have identical passwords. You can lock root after installation. To do it run:

sudo passwd -l root

User created during installation always is admin. If you need unprivileged user create new one after installation.

so that command disables root? neat!