User Accounts - Plasma

I am running:-

KDE Plasma Version: 5.19.4
Kernel Version: 5.8.0-2

I have created a second user account in System Settings - a standard account type.
I have kept my own account as Admin.

How do I boot to a screen where either of the accounts are available to log into so another user can boot the machine and log into the standard account?

You simply Log Out or Switch User. That will bring you to the SDDM screen where both user accounts should be presented.

This is also the login screen you have when you boot the PC, unless you have autologin enabled.

Thanks @Strit.
That would take the user into my account first before they would switch user or log out… or am I missing something?

Edit: I’m an idiot - autologin must be enabled - thanks

Edit: Perhaps less of an idiot than I thought; autologin was not activated in Plasma; I had to activate autologin then inactivate it then save the changes. All good now.

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No. When you are presented with the login screen when you boot, you can simply select the new user and log in with that.

Did not quite understand the problem. Since I have something the same. I created user from System Settings and if I just lock my session, I’m not able to select user I just created. The only solution to choose other account is to log-off completely, which is not a solution for me, because in Windows I have possibility to switch to other account if I just locked active user session.
How to make it work in Manjaro too?

I believe it’s up to the theme to provide a “Switch User” option in the Lockscreen. I’ve seen some have it.

@bogdancovaciu I see Breath2 does not have this, can it be enabled?


Thanks for the mention, @Strit :slight_smile:

There is nothing to be done with the Lock Screen. Is separate from SDDM.
While SDDM can deal with multiple users, each user will take seat 0 - but on different TTY and Screen and of course different Session ID. You can make use of the widget user switch - added to the panel.


While in USER1 you initiate a New Session

Log in the USER2 and from there things get like this:

  • the switch to USER1 is by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1


  • the switch to USER2 is by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2 as is on TTY2 screen1, so you will see something like this:


The widget is mostly frustrating to use, but you will be able to lock screens after each user was logged in, and sadly enough you can create multiple sessions with the same user that will lead to that TTY to be a dark screen. So when you get back to TTY1 for instance, and open Settings > Systems > Sessions
you will see stuff like this:


Also making the system run slower … So careful with that. Is nothing we can do from our end.
And of course, each user can shutdown the system, with all the disregard of the other user …


Ah okay. I was just pretty sure I had seen a “Switch User” from a lockscreen somewhere, but I can’t see it on my desktop or laptop.

Aha. I was not wrong. It has been there…

It’s a bug in systemd 246 it seems.

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Yes, as always, spot on. But i think is a cumulative effect of different issues.

Thanks a lot this helped me. But…as usual there are some BUTs when we are talking about linux :wink:
while switching CTRL+ALT+F1 or F2 it’s switching between sessions without asking password. If I make lock session and on lock screen press combination of keys, then it is asking for password.
It’s not critical, but maybe in the future Manjaro team will find a solution for that.
Again, thanks a lot. Multumesc mult!!

The system is not aware of the switching TTY, so is not locking the one inactive. The locking is taking place from the Setting > Power Settings > Energy Saving

Probably a feature request to KDE Plasma developers i the way to go about it. :slight_smile:
Cu plăcere !!!