Used disk space does not add up

I do have a dedicated /home partition of 48GiB, and since today i noticed that the used disk space does not add up to the files inside the partition.

> df -h
File system     Dim. Usati Dispon. Uso% Montato su
/dev/sda3        47G   26G     19G  59% /home
> du -hs /home
17G     /home

as also confirmed graphically by Filelight.

I did notice tough that before that the baloo_file process was running quite heavy on disk writes (~150Mb/s), but the indexing database was not inceasing in size (about 9Gb). I did run a purge and now it shows

> balooctl indexSize
File Size: 1,11 MiB
Used:      1,09 MiB

as of now i’m in a conundrum as i cannot figure out what the missing 11Gib are being used by? I tought some problem with the baloo stuff but i’m unsure as to where it is?
Any suggestions on what I should do or check for this? Possibly a disk check using a live image?

Oh wait i just rebooted and now it adds up.
I think i found a bug in balooctl? Oh well… go figure out what caused it.

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