Use system icons in pamac manager

I am wondering why aren't the system icons used in the pamac manager. Like the ones the user selects for its DE. Is this addressed somewhere else maybe?

I guess it depends on the desktop environment you're using. The default pamac-gui uses GTK ─ a Qt-based version is in the making ─ so if you have KDE Plasma or Deepin as your desktop environment, then GTK tends to have a mind of its own.


I am using GTK. But the icons (for the apps inside pamac) are not the ones my system uses.

This feature was requested in the past, but wasn't implemented.

The answer by the developer of Pamac on this feature request:


I see...I think would make sense to use the system's icons. It could be confusing if say I have GIMP installed and I want to uninstall it and I see a different icon. Or installing GIMP and then I see the program in the menu with a completely different icon. I am commenting on that gitlab issue then.

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