Use Panfrost in Gnome on PineBook Pro

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How do you set Gnome to use Panfrost instead of llvmpipe? I have been wanting to experiment with Gnome on Manjaro on my PineBook Pro but cannot give a fair comparison if I cannot get GPU accelerated graphics working.


It should be using panfrost by default.

Please install mesa-demos and then give the outout of glxinfo -B.

No it’s not as there is an entry in modprobe conf to blacklist it… overlays/gnome/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-panfrost.conf · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

Just delete this file from your installation (/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-panfrost.conf) and reboot… I guess this is a leftover from earlier times when panfrost drivers were not stable enough for the gnome desktop

Ah okay. So the profile disables panfrost. Most be a remnent from back in the day, when Panfrost did not work that well yet. :slight_smile:

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Great. Thanks @appelgriebsch! That appears to have been this fix.

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