Use auto-cpu-freq with TLP?


can we use auto-cpu-freq and TLP together ? Use auto-cpu-freq to set all the parts about cpu only and use TLP to set the rest (usb, wifi, …). Is it a good choice ? I’m planning to install the two software and disable all the elements for cpu in TLP. Is it a good idea ?


Hi @AlanP,

From auto-cpufreq Github page:

…it’s recommended to remove TLP

Hope it helps!


However, it does seem like it can be used together:

…If both are used for same functionality, i.e: to set CPU frequencies it’ll lead to unwanted results like overheating. Hence, only use both tools in tandem if you know what you’re doing.

@Mirdarthos: Yes, it’s recommended to remove TLP, but as you said it can be used together. It’s seems that we can disable all the parts for cpu in TLP , so, there will be no conflict with auto-cpu-freq but I want to be sure. That’s why I posted this message.

Is someone here use the both ?


There’s only one way to be 100% sure if your, or any idea will work, and that is to do it and see. If it doesn’t you can always just remove it.


I installed the two software, I will see if there is some change with the battery consumption.


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I’ve been busy lately, haven’t had time to check that it works. I will see later.

Hey! Did you find any solutions for that?