USB wireless adapters with no problems on Manjaro

I have a recognized wireless adapter named ALFA AWUS036H. It is a very well known USB wireless adapter in the Linux world. Unfortunately in my Manjaro, this USB wireless is always freezing out when I’m working with it. Don’t know if it is a Manjaro problem or a wide modern Linux problem (it used to work fine when I used Linux some years ago in my distros back then).
I’m willing to buy a new wireless usb adapter that works without a flaw (doesn’t freezes or stops working when I’m using it) and has a good quality signal in Manjaro Deepin.
Does anyone know, from experience, one such adapter that I could buy?
Plus points if it supports MAC Spoofing

Have you thought of getting a PCIe WiFi card instead?

No. What are the advantages?

They usually work without any problems. Intel WiFi chipsets are well supported. Or you could go here:
Or Newegg:

My USB wireless chipset is rtl8187 and is supposed to be well supported on Linux but on my Manjaro is stops working often. I’m a bit skeptic right now. Are you sure the Intel chipset are better?
And I don’t think that I will be buying from that thinking penguin since they are a bit pricy. I was thinking something around 30€ not $55 to begin with.

Sorry about that, and yeah think penguin is a bit expensive. Check your network settings, you might have something mis-configured.

That’s ok.
I don’t know how to do that. Can you please tell me how can I do it?
Can it be misconfigured if I haven’t touch it?

Depends. It may not have been setup correctly to begin with. The WiFi tools Wavelane and WIFI Radar are in the repos try using them.

I’ve installed wifi radar. Am I supose to use it instead of network manager? Which configurations should I tweak with in my case? It doesn’t seem to provide anything better

TBH I’m no expert on WiFi and other then setting my dad’s laptop for WiFi, I have no experence with it. In fact the laptop I just brought last week is my first device I owned with WiFi. But I’ll try to help you as best as I can.

What Kernel are you running? Try a newer kernel and see if that works.

This may help:

Just remembered, check the AUR for drivers.

Ok, I’ve done some digging and it seems that rtl8187 chipset are very power hungry. And when a USB2 tries to output more then 550mA it cuts off. This would explain why my adapter stops working more when I’m on high-demand.
I have tried using a usb3 entry for my adapter (since it can output around 900mA) and it seems that it is working fine. It even makes the adapter less noisy.
If this is the problem and moving to a usb3 entry doesn’t work I will consider buying one powered usb hub with AC adapter for the power hungry needs. As it is explained here:
I will keep you posted if it stops working connected in a USB3 entry or if everything is smooth :wink:

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Well I’m glad you were able to resolve the problem. Sorry I couldn’t provide you with more help with your problem.

Well, my problem isn’t fixed by changing from a usb2 entry to a usb3 entry.
I’m gonna buy that usb hub with ac adapter to see if it fixes my problem once and for all

I recommend very strongly TENDA USB Model W311MI. 150Mbps.
Connection straight out of the box ..First thing that have worked with Manjaro,,,,No Problem

Now ...if i can get my ASUS RT-66U to work as will be Bliss...

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