USB Network Card - Intermittent Issue

It only happened when booting from an off state, so power management shouldn’t be causing it. Installing a driver manually will just break with every new set of updates, so I’d rather just use the easiest band-aid. Thanks!

I originally asked for a command to restart the service because I knew that was the best fix for my crusty old hardware. I’ve been using one distro or another for the past fifteen years and know that updates sometimes break things and the best fixes are usually to apply band-aids until another kernel update happens and either fixes or completely drops support. Sorry for the complicated ask.

Peace out.

We all know how a jigsaw puzzle looks like with bandages all over it, if that is your way of doing then keep doing it but don’t ask for help doing that…

The majority like to put a jigsaw puzzle together with all it’s pieces fitting by them self without any bandages that let go after one piece gets updated…

PS: 15 years means you’ve just started compared to some here :wink:

Changing drivers or making custom edits to the kernel would just get broken with every new update, while writing a simple script won’t break during an update unless the service itself gets replaced. It’s the price one pays for having old hardware.