Usb microphones?

Back when I was on windows 10 I had used my oculus rift s as mostly a usb microphone but when i switched to manjaro the microphone part of the headset wouldn’t appear but it would regonise the speakers on the rift. What could I do to be able to use the microphone?

I don’t believe the oculus rift has good support on Linux. Valve Index has better support. So that might be the issue. Or maybe you have to configure it correctly.

Unfortunately, not much info on the wiki: Oculus Rift - ArchWiki

I use USB mics on Linux all the time without issues.


I can only find a couple of hardware scans from Ubuntu systems showing this hardware is detected as as an audio device
Oculus Rift Audio - ID USB [2833:0330] -
But the hardware scans do not include ALSA data to show if this is detected as an audio device

I suggest you check if the audio device is recognised in ALSA

sudo --upload