USB input does not work after running X on boot



I’m on Raspberry Pi 3+, Manjaro-ARM minimal 18.09, fresh install.

When I boot the machine I can use the keyboard just fine. Then when I install some desktop environment (tried with Mate and XFCE, and with lightdm and LXDM) and reboot, the keyboard and mouse plugged to USB do not work. They’re just generic USB devices.

BUT if I won’t reboot and just run systemctl start lxdm, the keyboard and mouse work just fine.

How can I debug this?

/boot is not mounted by default

OK. I managed to figure this out.

It turned out that after when I was doing a full system upgrade with pacman -Syu the /boot partition was not mounted :thinking: So I reinstalled the whole system, mounted the boot partition at /boot and then did a full system upgrade, installed xfce etc, and the problem is gone.