USB Gigabit adapter behind USB hub - systemd-udevd : Failed to rename network interface : Invalid argument

Hi all!

I have a screen with an integrated USB 3 gigabit ethernet adapter. As it is on a sit/stand desk, the cable to my PC tower would have to be way longer than USB 3 seems to like - so I recently put a USB 3 hub between two shorter USB cables to act a bit like a repeater. This works pretty well, but since the screen is no longer directly connected to my PC’s USB port, its ethernet interface can no longer be properly renamed to the predictable name. I get the following message at startup:

systemd-udevd[379]: eth0: Failed to rename network interface 2 from ‘eth0’ to ‘enp39s0f3u1u3u1u2’: Invalid argument

Does anyone have an idea how to remedy this?