USB formatted on EXT4 Noob attack!

Good afternoon day or anything, I’m fairly new to Manjaro kde so I came to experience the partition manager and loving it I do use usb a lot like a lot coming from windows you get fat32 for small stuff and exfat for big stuff… Simple
Then I try to experiment Ext4 to exchange files from laptop to laptop cos I got few of them and I exchange a lot of files through usb…
Something that bother me a lot is I simply can’t have the permission writing or reading… The usb wont let me copy a file and anything…
So I came to a conclusion EXT4 isn’t supposed to be used for transferring files from laptop to laptop and I should keep using exfat or fat32… Or I’m missing the point and doing it wrong with Ext4?!
Thanks for the help!

ext4 is inheriting user permissions and ownership, so that will not work if the users are different between systems.

This should help you out File permissions and attributes - ArchWiki


This sound extremely complicated haha Yes i think then I will keep using exfat between my systems! Thanks for your answer

If your devices are on the same internal network, then there are simpler solutions to share files than USB transfer …
see here

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I have been reading all those explanation and I still can’t change a simple Ext4 to be RWX I can do pretty much anything on linux well I’m not too bad but this is still something I do not get at all!..
I guess ext4 was meant to be secure and stuff well I gave up on this and will use the good old fat 32 or exfat and leave ext4 for system partition I guess and timeshift cos I have no idea of what I’m doing or even changing the write of the partition! Argh very frustrating!

Okay I actually got it now command for the USB or SSD directory are:

sudo chown $USER /directory made access to write and read and X on ext4

chomod u+rwx /Files made access to User to RWX

this actually worked for me…

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