USB copying issues (need to use safely remove)

I have an issues with USB transfers. When I’m copying 1.4 GB file on USB pendrive (no matter which) it copying very fast, surprisingly fast, something’s not right here. After disconnecting device and connecting back (or for another device), however, this file is not here. If I’m using “safety remove” option from device notifier on taskbar (propably just umount) it takes a long time to umount, based on how big was the file. So from my understanding that means file copying just getting started during unmounting. I must point out that it not happens for small files (hard to say how small, but around 10mb files copying good for me). It happens on different linux kernels. I’m using dolphin file manager. How to fix it?

Z270 PC MATE ; Pentium G4560 ; Intel HD Graphics 610 ; 8GB RAM ; NVME 250GB
linux5.8.6-1 ; xorg-session
I’m using USB 3.0 ports and 3.0 USB mass storages (pendrives)

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The copy is so fast because the system use the cache first, then unload de cache into the usb. If you remove the usb before the cache in fully unload, let’s say the copy is just cancel. To fix this, run sync in a terminal just after the copy is finish. When sync is finish you can safety remove your usb


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