USB boot grub freezes

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After I downloaded latest manjaro version(17.0.1), I created a bootable usb with “dd” but I have some problems with it. It freezes on boot-up process actually it freezes at the beginning of grub. It tries to load grub but then suddenly stuck there. It says “Grub loading” then “Welcome to Grub” then nothing. I tried different ways like changing the usb drive, using different burning software “etcher” but it still has same problem. Any idea about this ? btw, i checked sha1sum and download same iso again.

Are you using windows to create the USB?

If so try isotousb download from

No i created on Linux

Sorry - you did try dd - said in the first line. So I assume you also use sync to ensure data is written before removal?

Some times an usb-stick has to be destroyed to behave

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=10

I have manjaro-tools installed and I buildiso -p isoprofile and they have only failed me once building kibojoe profile for i686 - the official profiles I have no problems with.

You could try boot the iso in a virtualbox - to see if it is hardware or iso-related issue.

I discovered that a faulty drive can cause the iso to malfunction. I had a drive that suddenly generated bad sectors - the smart system relocated readable data but that was/is not quite enough when talking large ISO files.


I tried it in a vbox there was no problem with iso it perfectly installed. I think I have hardware issues.

I tried different distro iso burned with dd and it perfectly worked. I suppose that my usb drive is fine but I do not want to install old version of manjaro and install it then update the latest version. It is too much work.

You can build your own ISO.

sudo pacman -S manjaro-tools

Then you build your preferred edition with

buildiso -p {kde|gnome|xfce} [-b {stable|testing|unstable}]

the resulting ISO is even more up-to-date than the one you download

In the default configuration you iso ends up in


A more indepth description you find at Github

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