US Keyboard not mapping

Seems to be an issue with US keyboard mapping on arm device in both kde plasma and gnome 40 even after setting US locales keyboard still maps english uk easily switchable in settings input keyboard however I tore my hair out even purchased a new wireless keyboard …

Oh well I still love you manjaro

PS if admins feel this would be better accessed in a different place feel free to move it

What device is this on?

You sure you chose en_US and not en_GB in the keyboard layout selector?

Raspberry pi 4 8gb & 4gb

I did been using kde plasma for awhile and it always mapped correctly until just recently and I first caught it there, does the same thing on gnome 40 though even if you choose proper choices it still maps english uk

I believe setup choices I made were US then en_US,utf-8 then america/new york, but those were the choices I’ve always made and until just recently everything mapped correctly

‘locale’ points out that you’ve choosen US ?

Did verbology change in the setup ? I may have jumped instead of reading

No, it should have been the same.

In the next release we will probably have a GUI selection for it instead.

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easily fixable an amazing work as always it’s the best 64bit available for this device imo … gentoo is a close second