URxvt MesloLGS Nerd Font

I installed nerd-fonts-complete-mono-glyphs from AUR (had to forcefully remove nerd-fonts-terminus for it to succeed) and am now trying to set URxvt's Font to 'MesloLGS Nerd Font'. I tried setting URxvt.font to 'xft:MesloLGS Nerd Font:size=10' in .Xresources, which gives a very ugly square font instead of what I want, even though running 'urxvt -fn "xft:MesloLGS Nerd Font:size=10"' starts urxvt with the correct font/size. Why does it work with -fn, but not in .Xresources?

I tried the said font and for some reason I had to logout/login for it to be applied in urxvt.

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I never tried that, I'll do that

That worked

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