URLs is not complete work in the SSH Konsole, after last upgrades


After last upgrades, URLs is not complete work in the SSH Konsole. On my work, i periodically need to go to URL from my SSH konsole.
Before last upgrades, when i see URL like httрs:// - i can click to this URL and open this in my browser.
Currentlry is URL is not full clickable in SSH. I can click only by httрs:// but not httрs:// - URL part “:1500/manager” is not clickable now.

Please, help to solve this.

P.S. In my example in this post, i was changed symbol “p” to the sybmol “р” in protocol, for correctly show URL address. Please, do not copy URLs from my post. Just check URL manually, for example:

echo “$PROTOCOL://”

Seems to be a known bug: