Uploading and supporting Manjaro with new Packages.

I have enjoyed Manjaro for some time now and wanted to give back to the community.

So as I love playing retro games I started to convert the .deb64 package of Retro Virtual Machine and right now it's working perfectly on Manjaro XFCE.

Retro Virtual Machine or RVM is an emulator that allows you to play ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC games and programs. What really sets it apart is that you can have multiple versions of these machines running at the same time. you can even tweak the display so that it looks like the old skool CRT TV's too along with a host of other awesome features.

Fuse is a good emulator but I feel that its not a smooth workflow at all.

So my questions is how do I submit this to the powers that be?
Do I need the devs permission even though the emulator is free?


The best thing is probably to put it in the AUR:
[this is not manjaro specific .. it would be for all Arch* users]


How did you convert the Debian packages? Did you write PKGBUILDs?

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Yes I used an app called debtap and once you get it converted it installed with no problems.

Well, that's not how packages on Arch / Manjaro work. See here:

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