Upgrading the GPU on Manjaro


My brother is running the GTX 460 on Manjaro KDE with proprietary nVidia driver. But lately Dota 2 became demanding and he is getting like 35-40 FPS which is unplayable as FPS Game. So I decided to gift him my GTX 1070 which I previously had before upgrading. Just wanted to ask what is the procedure for changing the GPU on installed Manjaro? Does he need to delete the old driver, then install new, or what. Would just “Autoinstall nVidia propriatary driver” button in settings manager do the job? Thanks.

if the version of the nvidia driver he has installed to run the 460 is compatible with the 1070, no software change is needed.

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He’s probably running with the 390 driver, correct? That driver also supports the GTX 1070, so switching the gpu should go relatively smoothly, but you will probably want to switch to the current 515 nvidia driver.

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In doubt, switch to the free driver before switching the card, then install the non-free driver.


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