Upgrading pinephone-modem-scripts error

I am using the latest plasma-mobile-dev version: 20210311

but it’s the same problem with the release

this morning with the last update:

it is not done and loops indefinitely.

so I went through the console.
with sudo pacman -Syu

it indicates that the script already exists

sudo rm /usr/bin/pinephone-mobile-setup.sh

sudo pacman -Syu

the script usr / bin / pinephone-mobile-setup.sh beug on line 10

upgrading pinephone-modem-scripts/tmp/alpm-Uz0kud.INSTALL: line 10: post_install: command not found

can’t find the object (sorry my pinephone is off)

he goes all the way.

and I had to remove the black screen battery with no effect
0.6486241 smccc: sdc_ID: arch_sdc_id (0) returned error ffffffffffffff

scratch full

I have to reload the img

tomorrow because this one is dead

release : 202103110249
sudo pacman-mirrors -aS testing
sudo pacman -Syyu
this accepts regression update

there all the problems go and you find a stable situation

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thanks, this lone update just popped up for me, refreshing mirror list and -Syyu did the job, nothing to do now.

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