Upgraded my CPU to a new one and now I can't access the Manjaro Boot loader

Hey everyone, I got a dualboot system running Linux and Manjaro, I had everything set up well and I’ve been using Linux for around half a year, I upgraded my CPU a couple of days ago and I got suprised when i could no longer access the Manjaro boot loader, I’ve tried researching this issue but everything I find is basically assuming the user is doing the setup from scratch.

if anyone could help me on this one I would appreciate, I have files that I need to access that are on Manjaro and without them I’m in trouble basically…

TL:DR. Manjaro bootloader no longer working forcing me to windows on my dualbootsystem

Check your motherboard BIOS and make sure the setting regarding UEFI/CSM is properly configured. Change it, test, see what works (and I know everyone says you NEED to DISABLE CSM in your BIOS for Manjaro to work, this is wrong, CSM enables loading MBR systems on a UEFI motherboard, that’s all, so if your system is installed in MBR, on a UEFI board, you NEED to have CSM enabled).

Something that could happen is your motherboard has reset its BIOS settings, and you’ll need to reinstall GRUB in order to add the boot entry back again (in the UEFI), you can do it easily by booting a Manjaro USB installation, and select the Detect System (or whatever it is called) entry, and boot on the detected Manjaro system to restore the boot entry, or just boot the USB installation, and do an automatic chroot on your Manjaro system, and reinstall GRUB following the WIKI.


It might be possible that you changes where each cable was plugged into the motherboard, albeit accidentally. According to me, you’ll need to confirm your hard drives’ boot priority, which is in the BIOS/UEFI. After which, you’ll probably, maybe, need to reinstall GRUB:

Which would best be done from a chroot environment, according to I.

Which “bootloader”?

Do you mean the themed/colorful Grub menu screen?

Or do you mean the EFI boot entries when you first power on your system. (Most systems have a hotkey to show this menu, such as holding down F9 during bootup.)

As for the second option, is the “manjaro” EFI entry missing? Or does it exist, but selecting it doesn’t work?

I can’t access the boot menu at the beginning to start manjaro, the one with boot windows, boot manjaro linux and manjaro settings

So if you hold down F9 (or whatever key your system uses), do you see the basic EFI bootloaders to choose from?

If so, is the entry for “manjaro” missing from that list?

This basic menu is usually blue with white text, or black with white text.

can you boot on USB iso live manjaro ?
if possible

  • create and save profile for windows
  • create a profile for linux, and for boot in USB live ISO manjaro
    – secureboot is off
    – fastboot is off
    – all disks on AHCI ( not raid )
    – no Legacy

I see you are using AMD Ryzen CPU in your profile.

Did you enable fTPM (TPM) or some security for your old CPU in BIOS?
If yes, the old key is owned by your old CPU. That would be risk you lose data if your old CPU is gone.
Enabled fTPM is a stupid idea when upgrading other CPU in PC.

You try to downgrade it to your old CPU, then turn off fTPM or some security and cleaning the old key, then upgrading your new CPU. But I am not sure, if it helps.

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