Upgrade 3070 to 3080 TI black screen

I was under the impression, because i was told on my old PC when i went from 2070 to 3070 that upgrading from Nvidia to Nvidia that you shouldn’t have to mess with drivers and it should just be plug and play and as far as i can remember that was the case.

Installing the 3080 TI initially i couldn’t get any video on boot, no BIOS splash screen and white light on motherboard VGA indicator. Searched online and people with same issue fixed it by removing GPU and booting with empty slot then shutdown and install the card again.

This worked. I got the BIOS splash screen, enter my password for encrypted drive, says slot open, now… it briefly shows the BIOS ROG Strix image but without “press delete to enter BIOS” which i don’t remember this after entering password for encryption. Then I get black screen and CTRL+ALT+F2 won’t bring up the TTY so i can’t try driver reinstall or anything.

Saw something about 4k display in another thread, going to try hooking up my old 1440p monitor right now.

Well other monitor gave the same result… i guess this time i didn’t get that logo image after encryption password.