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Hello everyone. I would like to do a fresh installation of Manjaro. I noticed that the latest stable version is 18.1.5, but there is also a preview of version 19 available. If I install the 18.1.5 version today, will I be able to upgrade to version 19 later on, or will I have to do a fresh installation again? I know that there is no problem when updating in the 18 series (let's say from 18.1.4 to 18.1.5) but I don't know what happens when moving to a new "number" (from 18 to 19). Thank you in advance for your time.

We are a rolling release. As soon as we have our 19.0 ISOs in a stable state we will update our manjaro-release package. You can take a look at our history.


As @philm mentioned - we are rolling, so there isnt much difference between the two.

There are roughly 2 things worth mentioning:

  • Sometimes newer hardware will require a newer version. (ex - newer nvidia card isnt recognized by older kernel ... so a new ISO with a newer kernel is what more easily boots)
  • New features, packages, desktop style, service, defaults and etc may be implemented in newer versions of installers, but not necessarily implemented on newer systems through any update.
    (think something like an app installed by default .. maybe in an older release app X was not installed by default .. but now it is default on all systems... an update wont forcibly install app X)

Short of those things.. it doesnt matter much what you install as long as you are up to date
(especially if you mean the difference between one recent point version and another - some relativity is at play here) .

@nikoslagios No, not that one. I was talking about @philm 's answer (the first one that was posted...) :innocent: :wink:

Oops, sorry!

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