Updating to Kernel 5.16

Yes because even though Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution most if not all packages go through a testing period in the unstable and testing branches. The normal version of linux516 is available in unstable branch:

So either switch to unstable branch or wait till it reaches to stable.

Helpful links

Manjaro - Branch Compare
Switching Branches - Manjaro


Awhile being 4 days (since sunday)…


Beware, many distros “based on Arch” actually use Arch repositories.

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So does Manjaro as already shown above.
If you’re so desperate to use that kernel: you’re always free to switch branches to unstable and install it.

Thanks all. I’m new to Manjaro. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have used Arch in the past, but very lightly.

[HowTo] Update an application early to the latest version



OK guys, I just put Garuda on a different, spare SSD. Just wanted to try it out. I noticed something in there that allowed you to get the latest stuff, but not change your branch. It’s a repository called Chaotic AUR. I can pull the new kernel out of there, without having the system overwrite everything.

If any of you are wondering:

And after that:

So there WAS a way to do it…

Do not update if you have a 144hz monitor hahaha!

You can also stop your heart. It may not be a good idea or recommended, but you can do it.

Especially with Linux, there are multiple ways of doing things. You can always compile the kernel yourself, or try to anyway. But its a Bad Idea.

And none of those ways are supported or will even be encouraged here. And besides, there were multiple answers saying that you could always switch branch if you can’t wait for it…

on https://www.kernel.org
kernel version 5.16.1 is reported as stable release.
Do you have any information on the 5.16.1 version compared to 5.16?

Here is the changelog https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/ChangeLog-5.16.1

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I dont think you know what that actually is.

Its just the AUR, with a few things added, and automatically (blindly!) compiled and served as if it is a regular repository. IT IS NOT. Those packages are not vetted, inspected, etc. All normal precautions of using the AUR would apply … except its precompiled and there is no pkgbuild to inspect or augment.

None of that is the same as ‘getting packages early without changing branches’ … its simply using the AUR more dangerously.

And that danger factor multiplies exponentially when, such as in cases like yours, the user has no idea what they are actually using, how, or the the implications of it.

I should also state … that the AUR, and to an even greater extent, 3rd party repositories of any kind, are unsupported on Manjaro. Use at your own risk.

@ZeMind consider editing your post.


Thanks Zesko :slight_smile:
Wow, its a long list of fixes

one last question from me.
Is any APPROXIMATE time frame known when the Linux 5.16 will be available as stable upgrade for the stable channel?

The next one.

The next release will be the one, cool! that’s cool. :slightly_smiling_face:
I heard a lot of performance and stability improvements are made to the 5.16 kernel.
This made curious :slightly_smiling_face:

I originally meant how many days? weeks?
i know it cannot be an accurate prediction, but a an approximation is good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

linux5.16.1-1 is already in the testing so atleast a week or two.

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cool, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why that? I have a 144 hz monitor.

If you under the open graphics stack, you will find out that only 60hz are available.