Updating Nvidia drivers


I’m quite new to Manjaro. Currently I’m experiencing random freezes caused by a bug in proprietary Nvidia driver. It was fixed in a new version of the driver 460.56 released few days ago. How can I update the driver? Will it be updated automatically after some time?

Thank you in advance!

Hi :slight_smile:

Unstable branch has the version you mentioned: 460.56-2. How check yourself:
Manjaro - Branch Compare and search for linux[version]-nvidia, I used linux510-nvidia

Packages will travel like so. A description of the differences between the branches and how to change this.

Depending on your knowledge, backup strategy and appetite for risk you have the option to change to unstable or direct download (not exactly sure how and if it will work with something like a video driver) Follow the #announcements posts for updates.

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