Updating Manjaro as safely as possible / logging out?

You can download the updates with:

sudo pacman -Syuw

The w tells pacman to download only and not install updates. Later in the console you can just run:

sudo pacman -Su

that install the already downloaded updates without synchronizing with the repositories

I’m also used to run:

sudo systemctl isolate multi-user

before updating to stop the graphic environment. It’s not necessary, but I feel that it’s safer for the desktop environment. Do it when you are in the console after logging out from the desktop environment

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It could maybe be expanded to the aur with something like:

mkdir -p ~/aur-update && cd ~/aur-update && paru -G $(pacman -Qmq) && for d in ./*/ ; do (cd "$d" && test -r PKGBUILD && makepkg -src); done

-drop to tty or stop graphical environment, et al-

cd ~/aur-update && find . -type f -name *pkg* -execdir sudo pacman -U {} +

(this is also relying on paru to download the PKGBUILDS … I assume other helpers may have similar options)

Yes, but probably not a good idea to have any core component built from the AUR. My AUR packages are just normal apps that I can update from the graphical pamac tool if I want (after I have updated the system from official repos)

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That depends, what if you’re blind?
… or, otherwise inebriated …

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