Updating Linux 414


So just in case I’m gonna wait a few more hours as maybe the updates might be working in the background so after a few hours I’ll reboot it and what should I try first the advanced.method or trying to boot it up normally


First try normally. If that does not work try the advanced -> Fallback kernel, if you don’t have another kernel installed.


What could be the percentage of.it working and not


My bet is 50/50, since you don’t know if the update finished or not. :slight_smile:


Is there a possibility of the update working behind the screen


No, if the caps lock light is not working, the computer is frozen.


What’s your percentage of my PC working after reboot




Just hope this works


So if I reformat my system and this happens again what should I do cuz is clearly did not do anything while my computer was updating I just left it please give me future suggestions


Sh1t happens, read the forum:


It’s stuck here


Just out of curiosity what version is your install media .iso and how long was it between updates?


It was 330 mb


I’m getting this


330 MB is not an install media from Manjaro. They don’t come that small.
What ISO did you use?


I don’t know cuz I’m a newbie and what should I do if I got to that picture is


Please help strit if u know what to do ur a good helper from my side


Download a new ISO from manjaro.org , write it with Etcher to a USB stick, boot it and finally use manjaro-chroot as said above.


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