Updating Kernel in Manjaro Stable

Hi, I can see that the latest stable available kernel on kernel(dot)org is 5.9.1

However, when I try to install linux59 using mhwd, it shows that I am running 5.9.rc6.d09.

How can I install 5.9.1. Thanks!

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Use branch compare to see what branch has what package version.

5.9.1 is only on unstable branch for now. There is no benefit about it, especially if you have an Nvidia GPU.
Here is how to switch branchesif is what you are looking for.


Here is the table, @bogdancovaciu mentioned:

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Thank you. This is helpful !

Thank you!

Kernel: 5.9.1-1-MANJARO

is on testing branch now

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I switched to the ‘unstable’ branch and got a bunch of updates, including the 5.9.1-1 kernel.

I’m interested in tinkering around - so a very stable/safe branch seems to be ‘boring’. I use Linux mostly to learn new things, so I guess a few hiccups that I can fix on a DIY basis would actually be a good thing :slight_smile:

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