Updating issues - System Packages seems to be new, but they don't

Hi all :smiley:,

after rebooting my PC 1 hour ago, the tray icon for updating > 400 packages got visible and I started the process. After approximatelly 1 minute, the “Software” window disappeared. I thought the process was killed, but a pacman -Syy && pacman -Syu has shown, that the lock is still hold by a process. In the process monitor there was not much CPU Time visible for the update process, so I rebooted the system.

After the startup, the tray icon for updating was gone and in the “Software” window, it seemed all is up to date. But after verifying some packages it is clear, that the system isn’t up to date at all.

pacman -Q | grep blender
blender 17:4.1.1-8

sudo pacman -Sl | grep installed | grep blender
extra blender 17:4.1.1-8 [installed]

The current version of blender is 17:4.1.1-10 (taken from here) - so the newest version isn’t installed.

Hopefully someone can tell me how to handle this situation.

Anyway, thanks to all of you, for investing your energy for Manjaro persumably in your spare time!

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4.1.1 which is the latest release available. The epoch and pkgrel are unrelated. The newer pkgrel versions are rebuilds on libraries that are not in the Manjaro stable branch yet.




archlinux version is not always manjaro stable version :wink:

pacman(pamac) history is in file : /var/log/pacman.log
format : Date [ALPM] installed blender (oldVersion -> newVersion)


I’m absolutelly sure, I’m not hallucinate that more than 400 packages was upgradable some hours ago (and one was blender), since this is the reason, why I decided to open a topic here in this forum… -.-

The last blender upgrade was like following:

[2024-05-30T17:10:03+0200] [ALPM] upgraded blender (17:4.1.1-4 -> 17:4.1.1-8)

I do now understand, that the arch linux package repository is not the main point to look at, since Manjaro has an extra repository. Only some packages are coming from the arch linux repo (like described by the Features Webpage).

A package upgrade in a VM has shown, that for blender, the installable version is really 17:4.1.1-8.

Ok, maybe I just ignore this and wait for another update. Since I haven’t made a screenshot of the package list before the upgrade, it seem like I have nothing to really further to provide for help.

Update your mirrors might help:

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack

Thanks for the hint!

After running this command

and then

sudo pacman -Sy && sudo pacman -Syu

the console output tells me, the system is up to date -.-

Trying to change the mirrors with the --geoip flag, instead of --fasttrack didn’t change something to the console output neither.

You can use the following site to compare software/packaging versions on the different Manjaro branches, for example Blender:


You’re still not getting it. Arch Stable corresponds to Manjaro Unstable. By consequence, the versions in Manjaro Stable lag a bit behind on those in Arch.

If you really need or want the very latest versions of everything, switch your mirrors to the Manjaro Unstable branch. :point_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors --set-branch unstable && sudo pacman -Syyu
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I see, I should go through the documentation and learn a bit more about Manjaro and Arch Linux, the provided branches and how they relate to each other.

While setup up Manjaro, I decided to stick to the Stable branch until it is clear to me how to contribute problems (nearly effortless) when using the branchs Testing or Unstable.


The official Guide is here:

Its recommend to use Timeshift before you playing around :wink: