Updating Google Chrome

When I open the Google Chrome browser, I receive the message that 'Google Chrome needs an update’
In AUR I can not see a newer version. I’m using Linux Manjaro KDE 5.24.3 and the kernel version
Thanks in advance for your support!

The latest version available in the AUR is 99.0.4844.74-1. Which version are you using? Check with pacman -Qe google-chrome. If both are same then ignore that message for sometime.

Updating packages from the AUR with pamac seems to work properly again, so that should not be the problem. On my system, google-chrome was updated yesterday morning to the current version, 99.0.4844.74-1.

Strange… I had still the 96 version.
When I looked in AUR I could not see a newer version.
So I did remove Google Chrome and reinstall it. From that moment I was able to see the latest version.

By this, I assume you mean Pamac’s AUR database. Well, this database will probably not have been up-to-date at the time of your check. You can always check the current version of an AUR package directly at aur.archlinux.org.

:link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/google-chrome

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