Updating Gnome Extensions

Hello! I just installed Manjaro and so far it’s great! My big thanks to everyone who works hard for this project.

One way to update Gnome Extensions is to install a Firefox extension and go to https://extensions.gnome.org/local/. There you can see if anything can be upgraded. However, in Manjaro, should I update them this way? Or does somehow Pamac handle it better (only tells us to upgrade once they’re confirmed stable)? I’m a bit concerned about stability, but also eager to try new things.


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Hi there! If you care about stability you should stick to the extensions from the repos.

The pre-installed extensions are installed to the system, so they can’t be updated on the GNOME Extensions website. Some will erroneously show there’s an update available, just ignore that.

If you open the Extensions application, you’ll see the pre-installed extensions are listed under Built-In. If you install an Extension from the website, you’ll see they’re listed under Manually Installed. The former can be updated via Pamac, while the latter can be updated via the website.


Thanks for the explanation @screwtape @Yochanan, have a good day!

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