Updates from the AUR?

I have installed for the first time with Manjaro also few programs from the AUR (with Pamac). With Arch I did this with yay, here I have for the time being dispensed with yay. My question: are the programs from the AUR also updated with Pacman per sudo pacman -Syyu with, I need for the update, if I do NOT want to use Pamac (serves only as information on update availability) still yay, possibly paru?

Edit: I’m not sure if DeepL has translated this correctly now, I can only hope so.

Pretty certain pacman will only update from the official repos. You can use pamac from the cli to update the system and aur apps with

pamac upgrade -a

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Ok, thank you. What if I now still additionally install yay? yay also takes care of the AUR packages if they were installed with Pamac?

Do the same thing you did on Arch, nothing is different. You can use Yay or Pamac for AUR packages.


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