Updates are too slow



I am trying to upgrade my system. I am using a connection of 7Mb/s. But during the updates, Manjaro is using only 2 Mb/s of it. Its very frustrating. I love Manjaro but it seems I have to wait for a dacade only for a 700 Mb updates. Please save me from this disaster :frowning:


Sound like the mirror you are using is slow compared to your connection. Have you tried another mirror?


Any way to change ?


This command should rank the mirror according to latency speed:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g

Note: latency speed is not the same is bandwidth speed. There is no way (that I know of) to sort by bandwidth speed.


Okay, I have used the command. Now ? Should I do something else ?

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -Syu

To finish updating. :slight_smile:


Loving the language of “decade” and “disaster” to describe a 2MB/sec connection. Mine at home is 80KB/sec. Just a chuckle. :stuck_out_tongue:


About the same as mine then :rofl:


You can use sudo pacman-mirrors -f3 to get the three fastest mirrors in your area.


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