Updates are not working

Dear Manjaro Community,

I downloaded the Gamers Edition from Manjaro. I like the approach and therefore did not choose another distro. Now the updates are not working.

I can choose:
Wähle einen Anbieter für libgdk-3.so=0-64
Possible anwers:

Then there is this error:
Kann Abhängigkeiten nicht erfüllen:
das Entfernen von gtk3-classic verletzt Abhängigkeit von ‘gtk3-classic>=3.24.5’ benötigt von lib32-gtk3-classic
das Entfernen von nvidia-utils verletzt Abhängigkeit von ‘nvidia-utils=1:415.27’ benötigt von linux419-nvidia

What does it mean and what can i do now?

I would love to stay with Manjaro Gaming, but still have the latest updates. Or at least install Chrome Browser.

Best regards,

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There is no such official edition.
You should ask the maintainer of that spin for help, if he is even still active.

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Last release 2 years ago. I wouldn’t count on it.

That ‘gaming edition’ looks like a joke to me.

https:// sourceforge. net/ projects/mgame/

I think its from the CEO of Manjaro?!

No the wording on the page is poor. He is just crediting Philip with Manjaro

That is brought to you by some bloke called ABOhiccups


Gaming Edition is a discontinued spin based on Manjaro some years ago. @hansivonbayern Gaming per-se is good with the main editions by default, which are KDE, Gnome and XFCE.

Manjaro: Gaming Edition is a unofficial respin of Manjaro XFCE Edition by Philip Müller

^^ That phrase might sound like Gaming Edition is from me, but he referred to the XFCE Edition here.

So this means he added some extra packages to the XFCE edition, which I’m actually maintaining. The latest ISO can be found here. So if there are further questions regarding spin-offs and community editions, reach out to me. It is best to start Manjaro with our official editions you can always find here.


Ahhh! Amazing! Sounded to good to have Steam already installed.

I also wanted to talk with you how to build the ULTIMATE GAMING Engine. So good to be in contact now.

I will download the newest version and try again. Then lets have a chat how WODA could help the build the Next Level Operating System :wink:

We install Steam by default on all our Editions. Only Minimal Editions don’t ship it. You can always look at the provided package list for each release. The current RC supplies for example these packages on XFCE. steam-manjaro is part of the list. Manjaro is mostly known for being good for gaming:

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THX!!! Can you somehow DM me your Mail? Or send one to Hansi@kingdom.one // We have some interesting Input for you :wink:

@hansivonbayern I got your email and replied. Let’s see on how it goes …


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