Updates and software installation

I am trying to update my OS but I Keep getting errors like certificates not authenticated and dependency resolution failed, and invalid URL, plus a problem with the servers too

Can anyone help me? I’m new to Linux and I am using it on my Pine Phone??

Thank you in advance….

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Probably due to not-so-speedy mirror list or a weak internet connection.

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 

should give you the fastest available mirror list.
Then run -

sudo pacman -Syyu

For details, refer to -


Still getting errors….

Could someone be doing something to my SIM card? I am a cyber stalking victim.

I notice I can only make calls and send texts on my phone, when I am home……

I think someone is doing something because when I am not home, I can access the internet and even download apps from Discover….

The reason I bought this pine phone is to prevent people from spying on me but if they can limit my SIM card capabilities, then what’s the point???

Which PinePhone image did you flash and what version? Phosh? Plasma Mobile?

You’ll need to be a little more specific for anyone to help.

Not very likely, but that’s an issue to bring up with your mobile service provider. That’s out of scope here.

You bought an early developer device with most available OS’s still in Alpha or Beta stage, it’s not quite ready to be a daily driver yet.

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“Which PinePhone image did you flash and what version? Phosh? Plasma Mobile?”

The phone came with Manjaro on it, after I created a ticket on Pine64, they replied telling me I need to Flash an SD card with a different OS….

Which I am still trying to do….


The Manjaro is plasma mobile and has been very problematic……

You still haven’t provided enough detail for anyone to help you here:

We need more specific info, such as the full output of the error, to be able to help at all.

If this is the whole reason why you bought this phone, it might not have been a good idea as this is a development phone, not ready yet for the normal consumer.

On PinePhone’s website:

Beta Limited Edition PinePhones are aimed solely at early adopters. More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience.

If you need help on subject of privacy, you’ll get better help at these subreddits, rather than here:

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I appreciate your help, Pine64, instructed me to change the OS of the phone. We’ll see how that works….

Thank you for your input.