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Hi all,

I have been using KDE for a little over a week now. I think I am starting to like it at least as much as Linux Mint Cinnamon, which I used for the past two and a half years. That is not to say everything is nice and dandy, though.
My first question is: how can I see - if at all - the changelog for updates in the Add/Remove application?

Thanks in advance!

Nothing to do with plasma …


But all that is is the log of updates, there isnt something like ‘in this package we updated to 1.5.1, which will make menu improvements and fixed colors in the help area’. For any of those you need to go to a given project itself, such as GIMPs release announcements for its new versions, as an example.

Or if you do mean plasma specifically, then their announcements, like this one:

For manjaro update releases to stable and testing branches … you can get an overview from the announcement sections here: Announcements - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks for your answer. No, I don’t specifically mean Plasma. Apologies.

In Mint, I was used to be able to review the change log (indeed, as in 'in this package we updated x/changed y/solved bug z… etc.). It’s not that I always read all changes, but it was nice to be able to see if certain problems had been addressed for certain packages.



Checking these is going to be extremely tedious and I doubt anyone does this religiously atleast not on a rolling-release distribution. The advantage of using a distribution unlike say linux from scratch, is that there is an army of package maintainers who are supposed to do this for you. Of course, if you install unsupported packages from the AUR, you need to do this work yourself.

I guess I can live with it :wink: No big deal, I was just wondering.



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Technically Arch has support for changelogs, but no one ever utilizes it. :man_shrugging:

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