Updated system, and now every shutdown an error message keeps popping up. error (sd-umount: Failed to unmount /oldroot)

I updated my system from this update (stable-update-2021-11-19) even though the issue isnt stopping my system from booting or rebooting, its still an annoying issue that I would like to get resolved, I did a little search and it seems to be related to systemd so maybe I need to refresh systemd to remove the old root or something, I need some guidance, thank you.

sorry for the blurry image I dont know how to halt the system to see the message so I had to take a photo.


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I can confirm that in my case, similar to how other users have commented, having the NVIDIA modules to MODULES in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf causes the error to appear. If I don’t add the NVIDIA modules to mkinitcpio but instead I let the modules auto-load without any configuration, the error doesn’t appear.

Your profile says gtx 1650 - do you have nvidia modules added to MODULES in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf?


I will check this thanks for informing me!

Hello I just got home and I checked /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and the MODULES array is empty, should it have nvidia modules inside it, I dont know.

It is recommended in case you have problems booting up:
But it seems to be one of the triggers of the error you noticed:

Adding them now probably won’t help fixing that error message.

I also updated to the 2021-11-19 update and got the same message on reboot and shutdown. It happens like 1 second before powering off. Also checked the MODULES in mkinitpcio and there are none listed for my nvidia card.

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I wanted to update you guys, so I decided to reinstall manjaro kde to see if the issue still exists, and the sad truth is, its still here im very confused, is it nvidia or is it one of my drives not shutting down properly, either way systemD is not doing its job shutting drives down or nvidia.

Can you tell me more about your system specs and also tell me your storage configuration.

My specs are

CPU - Ryzen 5 1600 (w/ Asus Prime b350 Plus Mobo)
GPU - GTX 1080 Ti (with Nvidia 495.44 Driver)
Storage - Sandisk 256gb SSD

Seems as though systemd updated according to pamac history so i guess an update could fix this ?
I do dual boot with windows on a separate 240gb ssd.

Facing the same issue on my TUF A15 with Ryzen 5 4600H & GTX1650…I also checked mkinitpcio and there is nothing related to nvidia over there…

I have a guess, are you willing to remove your windows drive, I also Duel boot so I have a suspicion that systemD doesn’t want to turn off a drive, can you remove all your storage drives and leave only Linux.

I like to leave out the possibility of it being a hardware issue, and maybe systemD is doing something wrong.

Today I tried opening a issue on systemDs GitHub page and I am met with its not their fault, they only report the issue and it’s the distro, link to GitHub issue : sd-umount: failed to unmount /oldroot Device or resource busy · Issue #21465 · systemd/systemd · GitHub

So we have to somehow contact the Devs of Manjaro and ask to fix this for us.

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Okay guys and girls, Today I figured out what the main cause is, but the solution is not a welcome one for gamers.

So I decided to test the open source driver for nvidia and well look at that, it fixes the issue, no error message on shutdown, so even though this does fix the issue, its not a welcome one because I game on my computer and the open source drivers arent good for gaming (blame nvidia for not releasing gpu firmware), heres a warning though if you are going to try to install the open source driver make sure your gpu is supported, check their website.