Updated by the Arch mirror, not the Manjaro mirror

Hello, today one of the mirrors I’ve been using died, so I’ve tried to change my mirror to some other. But I made a mistake and took Arch’s mirror not Manjaro’s one. Then I changed my mirror to Manjaro’s one. And now I’m getting warnings when I launch # pacman -Syu that some of my software is newer than such in the repo. I don’t know if it’s a big problem, but I’d be happy if u can help me with it.

If you’ve already fixed your mirrors you can downgrade with sudo pacman -Syyuu

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Oh my, thanks, I’ll try it in a moment

It printed that it have many packages to downgrade, then asked if I want to proceed, and then quit with error message saying that it failed to commit transaction (conflicting files). It also listed all conflicting files, and at the end of every line is written this (owned by alsa-card-profiles)

Sounds like a much larger problem than I’m qualified to fix or diagnose. In future I can say that you should really only use the pacman-mirrors utility to avoid this kind of unpleasantness.

oh… okay, thank you

You can use the Manjaro substitute for Arch stable - Manjaro unstable. The only differences will be the kernel and nvidia related stuff.


Umm… So you are saying that I can just use unstable mirror for downloading packages and it will solve the problem. Do I understand you correctly? If soo… It’s kinda scary to use untested packages. I would try it if I can’t solve it in other way and answer you if it helped.

They’re not untested just not stable. It’s exactly what Arch does.

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Yup - that is what I am saying.

And no they are not untested - they have been vetted by the Arch Community - and sometimes the upstream issues for kernel etc - e.g. like systemd has had in the past - those packages are held back from the general Manjaro repo for the reason of not destablilizing an end user system. When the upstream issues are solved the core developers tries to ensure issues has been fixed - which in turn is done using testing branch.

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Ok, thank you for your reply. I tried to change my mirrors to unstable and now it works well. Thanks a lot

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