Updated and many programs now appear in low resolution

Hey everyone.

I just performed an update on my current Manjaro system, I’ve noticed that many installed programs are now all blurry and low res.

I tried updating the kernel to 5.19.1, though it hasn’t helped at all.

I’m running Manjaro Gnome with Wayland on a Huawei 14S with i7-11370H and its got a 90Hz 2520x1680 HiDPI screen.

Shortlist of affected programs: Chrome, Discord, VLC, VSCode, Opera, Spotify, Zoom, GNU Backgammon
Shortlist of non-affected progs: Firefox, Geary, Handbrake, any preloaded programs like gnome calendar, terminal etc.

Interestingly Steam has been affected and where the size was tiny before, it is now the correct size but blurry. Spotify was massively zoomed in when I first loaded it after the update.

I’m not really sure where to start on this issue, can someone please point me in the right direction?

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Same issue for a few select apps on Manjaro Gnome Framework laptop 11th gen intel cpu after last update yesterday. At least one steam game only lets me set the resolution to 1128x752 when the actual resolution 2256x1504 and it could be set to that before last update.

Logging in to x11 instead of wayland does solve the problem.

Thanks, logging into x11 and back to wayland solved the problem for me!

The introduction of more fractional scaling options in the GNOME Settings caused the problem, I think.
It’s fixed now with an update to the GNOME Settings app.

I can confirm the problem is fixed on my system.

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