Update/upgrade also AUR packages


i would expect AUR packages be update also using package manager, but no, these are not updates even with “pamac update”, after searching on SE how to do it, i have not found the solution.

So i read the pamac --help and ended up with this command that appear to may work:

pamac update -a --devel --ignore ungoogled-chromium

but again, too long to remember for me :-/

i remember pacman -Syyu, but does not appear i can use it for AUR.

btw, should i use pamac update for updating system or is better to use pacman -Syyu ? Also asking because apparently pacman fails to suggest optional child packages, while pamac suggest it. So i began using pamac for installation, becaus eobviously when youa r einstalling something you appreciate if you are shown its optional/child packages. Not sure why not default in pacman.

If you’re using Pamac from the terminal, you can use

pamac upgrade -a

to update all packages from the repos and the AUR.

See the Manjaro Wiki for more information on Pamac:

pacman cannot be used to update packages from the AUR. You either have to use Pamac or any AUR helper.


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