Update + Smart Video Wallpaper System Blackscreen

So update went mostly fine, but I went to enable the Smart Video Wallpaper and now when it loads to desktop I just get a blackscreen. I think it’s trying to start the wallpaper but it crashes and then nothing works - no task bar, can’t open a console, nothing.

Is there anyway to force it back to a default wallpaper or something? If I can get it to NOT try to load that app I think I’ll be back in business.

As a last resort I have a Manjaro USB, and I have separate partitions for boot/swap/root/home, so theoretically I should be able to reinstall KDE somehow right? I’ll try googling for guides between meetings (yeah, making for a bad day today).

UPDATE: Ah, I can get Konsole with ctrl+alt+t. Going to see if I can uninstall that thing.

Hmm… how do I uninstall a theme add-on with pacman…?

Ah! Thank goodness!!! I was able to delete the video file it was trying to play, and that kept it from trying to load. I’ve set my desktop back to image now. Geez, what a day…

Next I need to get ProtonVPN working again…

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Yay, got ProtonVPN working by rebuilding Python packages! Day is getting better!

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