Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

xcursor-breeze may need an update: 5.11.5 (community), 5.22.5 (AUR), 5.24.4 (upstream)


SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1044 (2022-03-22) to revision 1046 (2022-04-07).

Judging by the change log, the update contains a few minor bug fixes and functionality improvements.

Unfortunately, the bugs in the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor have still not been fixed. Since Duden Korrektor is a third-party program, SoftMaker is dependent on the manufacturer to provide an updated version, which SoftMaker then has to integrate into the Office application.


systemd-boot-manager added a new option that enables or disables Linux Kernel-Fallback.

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Nvidia 470 drivers have a security patch. These drivers were end-of-life. And it is not clear if Manjaro would normally update these. Please take a look.

It would be clear if you kept track of #announcements posts, read the OP (Original Post) before posting, checked Branch Compare and updated your mirrors before requesting something that’s already there.

They are not end of life, the R470 LTSB is supported till mid 2024. R390 LTSB is supported till the end of this year.

All NVIDIA supported branches got a security update.

I can see that you updated GitLab. But it hasn’t made it out to the mirrors.

# pacman -Syi linux517-nvidia-470xx       

:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date

Name            : linux517-nvidia-470xx
Version         : 470.103.01-11
Build Date      : Mon 09 May 2022 05:26:29 AM CDT

You’ve insulted me over a minor misunderstanding.

You’re correct. I was thinking that my card is not on 510.


A member of the forum who has been registered for well over a year ignoring the first post before requesting a package I just updated (that is always regularly updated in a timely manner) and ignoring the informative reply that repeats information already in the first post to your request is insulting to me.

I have not insulted you. You have decided to receive the information I provided as an insult. There’s a difference.

The new 470 drivers are pushed to the unstable branch. The new 370 drivers will be pushed as soon as my power is back on. There are 106 customers without power in my area currently.


Please update kirigami-addons in official repository to the newest version, as found outdated below.
@MaMicha @oberon
Many thanks.

Looks like the package got only updated for aarch64. Fixed now also for x64

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Hi, I’m using Manjaro ARM (XFCE edition) on a Raspberry Pi 4 and I’m having trouble upgrading Mixxx due to an unresolvable dependency on libprotobuf-lite.so=31-64. I notice that sudo pacman -Si mixxx shows version 2.3.2-2 on my Raspberry Pi, but shows version 2.3.2-3 on my x86_64 laptop running Manjaro (KDE), which depends on libprotobuf-lite.so=32-64, as provided by the latest protobuf package.

Can you please update Mixxx on ARM to that 2.3.2-3 version? Mixxx is now completely broken on my RPi4 and due to some dependency hell I can’t upgrade or downgrade packages to fix it right now.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work on this otherwise amazing OS!

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this stuff, so I apologies if it’s not
By the way, Mint GTK themes need update on stable, latest version out on Aug 21st

I moved it to the right place. :wink:

I’m holding back updating mint-themes to 2.0.5 as the changes only apply to cinnamon >=5.4.10. I’m waiting for Arch to update the related packages. There’s been major changes moving from LIbsoup 2 > 3 that don’t quite work yet.

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kaidan is outdated in the community repositories. The current version in the manjaro repos is 0.4.1-1, the actual current version is 0.8.0 (Kaidan - KDE-Anwendungen).

Could you update the package?

kaidan is currently only maintained in our ARM64 repo. I’ve dropped it from the x86-64 repos. You may install the current version as a Flatpak or from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

Qxmpp is also outdated.

Newest upstream version is 1.4.0.
AUR version is up to date, but pamac somehow does not show the AUR version…so I needed to build and install it manually.

qxmpp is a dependency of kaidain. I’ve also dropped it from the repos.

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